A story of spirits

1848 is not just a number. This is the year that marks the establishment of the distillery, strongly linked to the history of our country which over time has blended with local traditions. For over one hundred and seventy years in our factory, we have been dealing with the production and sale of craftsman liqueurs typical of Sassuolo and beyond, respecting the recipes handed down from generation to generation through a high-quality, craftsman production with genuine flavour.

Our liqueurs

The historic Roteglia distillery was founded in 1848 in the centre of Emilia, by a family of Swiss origins, skilled in the trade of spices, in the preparation of spirits and liqueurs. From Nocino to Sassolino, the production of handmade liqueurs, alcoholic infusions and liqueur syrups for cakes, made according to ancient recipes, has been handed down from father to son to the present day. A story in the creation of liqueurs that today lives on thanks to us, Roteglia 1848, a company made up of young people from Sassuolo strongly linked to local history, who continue the tradition with courage and perseverance. Enthusiasm and innovation are the necessary ingredients in the production of liqueurs and infusions, made respecting the recipes handed down and sharing the choice of maintaining a high quality artisan production with a genuine flavour.

the "after-dinner" for gourmets