Mixing liquors

Clelia Gin

The perfect balance between taste and aromas

Noble raw materials infused and distilled separately, once combined they create a unique spirit with a complex and inviting aromatic element.

The different botanicals from the Emilia Apennines, in the case of juniper, and from the Mediterranean scrub, for the balsamic part and the fresh citrus notes of mandarin, are brought out on the palate, pleasantly affecting the senses.

A distilled Dry gin created according to the refined and delicate tastes that characterize the Roteglia 1848 brand, inspired by a noblewoman from our past, Clelia Farnese. Little is said about her life and, unlike what many think, we see in her a woman unwanted since birth but who has found her own form of social redemption. Sassuolo, like it or not, is linked to her, and to her introverted and difficult character but with unexpected nuances we want to dedicate our gin, a highly decisive alcohol content that offers pleasant and surprising aromas.

Alqirmiz Bitter

Bitters of yesteryear

From the origins of alchermes, defined as the “elixir of life”, we have created a bitter faithful to the historical recipe and to the ancient but innovative idea of serving alcoholic infusions as aperitifs and recreational moments.

As was customary for the Medici, in particular the noble Catherine, in Florence they drank the original alchermes as an elixir, a true “antidote” to ailments of body and spirit. Its rather bitter notes given by the medicinal plants that were used in the original recipe have over time been replaced by sweeter flavours to cater for the preparation of delicate desserts.

Not wanting to give up its original taste, we retraced the historical recipe, adding cinchona and rhubarb to the 9 basic spices and botanicals of alchermes, to give a bitter and decisive element. Alqirmiz Bitter is also original in its colour, thanks to the use of cochineal, the natural dye that few choose to reuse.