Gift Box

For special moments, that is always

You don’t need a unique opportunity to give or treat yourself to a Roteglia 1848 box, what you need is the desire to discover us. You can select 4 different liqueurs for our boxes, in 10 and 20 cl format, to create your own tasting kit. If you want to pair the liqueurs with another real goody, we recommend our Torta Roteglia 1848 with Nocino, a mouthwatering dessert, while paired with Sassovo it will make you swoon with pleasure.

At Christmas we too become better

Panettone Ducale with walnuts, raisins and Nocino Roteglia 1848, assorted chocolates filled with liqueurs, gift boxes that smell like tradition: at Christmas Roteglia 1848 becomes even better. Discover our gift ideas that we design every year by selecting craftsman collaborations rich in history, such as the English Trifle box, a kit consisting of essential liqueurs for syrups such as Alchermes and Sassolino branded Cigno, the ladyfingers produced exclusively by Biscottificio Alai, the embossed double portion mold and the recipe to follow step by step. Our Christmas retraces the local tradition every year, in fact we strive to combine history and liqueurs in a box that will bring everyone closer to traditions.

We are spirited people

If the emergency was the driving force, the reality is this “spray liqueur”, which has become something to always keep in your pocket. SPIRITO19, the first, is a spirit drink, with an alcohol content of 75°, with a fresh taste given by aniseed, mint and liquorice. Its elegant bottle has a capacity of 50 ml with a practical spray dispenser. Its use, in place of a disinfectant, is versatile thanks to the alcohol contained. Not just for hands, masks and mouth, today our customers use it to freshen their breath, on surfaces in general, on cakes, sprayed in cocktails and to flavour coffee. Today in 3 fragrances thanks to the arrival of SPIRITO VIVO with Erba Luigia and DOLCE SPIRITO, in the Christmas period it is flavoured with Panettone in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT version.