Pastry liqueurs

For desserts with an intense aroma

Fragrant, intense, sometimes coloured, our pastry liqueurs give flavour and character to desserts. Alcoholic infusions have always been present in our traditional, regional recipes as an ingredient that characterizes baked cakes or spoon desserts. Trifle and rice cake are two very differently prepared desserts that require the addition of some of our specialities such as Alchermes and Sassolino. Thanks to its alcoholic distillation and transformation activity, the Roteglia distillery has always produced pastry liqueurs, dedicating a large part of its work to this sector. We ourselves continue in this transformation of alcohol into delicate aromas that fill recipes with goodness. The “resdore” as we call them in Sassuolo, that is the housewives, are our inspiration: comments and opinions on the quality of the infusions are the last word for us, the true inspiration in our daily work, because we believe that in their hands lies the ability to transform single ingredients into real moments of pleasure.


Among the many curiosities that give our distillery its historic character is the symbol of the Swan. We are uncertain about its origin but the stories tell us that it was taken as the emblem of the Sassolino produced by the Roteglia Distillery as a symbol of purity and candour, equalling the colour that the liqueur must have, so transparent that it can be read through. Even today, every time we produce Sassolino, one of the qualitative tests we do with the naked eye is to check its transparency and brightness. As per tradition, Sassolino branded Cigno is produced through the use of star anise distillate and other spices, up to an alcohol content of 30°. The unmistakable fragrance of aniseed, enveloping and soft, makes Sassolino a perfect syrup used in the preparation of traditional cakes, to flavour leavened products and other preparations.

Flavour red

Defining Alchermes as a syrup for desserts is somewhat simplistic: from its origins this liqueur with its characteristic red colour was tasted neat because it was considered an elixir of long life. If its story is talked about everywhere, what we want to tell you about is its incredible fragrance and complex and unique taste. Its diffusion in Sassuolo is due to its traditional use in pastry, of which the English Trifle is an emblem. Its characteristic red colour is highly sought after: in fact, from housewives to award-winning pastry chefs, everyone wants this syrup to colour as much as possible. In the research that we do every day in Roteglia 1848, we feel satisfied with the colour achieved, above all because we use only one dye of natural origin, without expanding the quantity of ingredients present. We have achieved the correct colouring intensity, a sublime aroma and a full taste without compromising the quantity and quality of the ingredients it is made from. There is only one way to confirm this: taste it. Our Alchermes is so good that it is perfect as a tasting liqueur, to be drunk neat or with an ice cube.