Liqueurs to be tasted

Nocino Roteglia

The "after-dinner" for gourmets

Nocino Roteglia is the leader in our factory’s liqueur production: for 172 years it has been produced with the same recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

This dark, dense and aromatic infusion is part of the tradition of our province of Modena and from the nineteenth century to date it ends the meal at all tables.

The Italian Encyclopaedic Dictionary, founded by Giovanni Treccani, speaks of Nocino as a “liqueur flavoured with fresh walnut husks and other herbs and spices, a speciality of Sassuolo (Modena)”. While several Italian municipalities “quarrel” about its paternity, we can certainly tell you that since its conception the Roteglia distillery has been producing traditional Nocino, where the walnut husk (which today we only buy in Romagna from a company with organic certification) is infused with alcohol, sugar and spices to become what is now recognized as the typical aroma of the Roteglia branded Nocino.

In 1960 it was promoted as a “digestive tonic”, specifying that “due to the properties of its components, it facilitates digestion and tones up the body”.

Sassuolino is Sassuolo

Sassolino originated in our town at the beginning of the 1800s even if its name seems to date back to the early 1900s, when the cadets of the Military School of Modena frequented Piazza Garibaldi and tasted with pleasure this sweet star anise-based liqueur. It was they who spread its fame throughout Italy which continued even after the Great War, so much that distilleries were among the driving forces of the Sassuolo economy in the First Post-War period.

Sassolino is still produced today in Sassuolo, thanks to the work of a few distilleries that continue its tradition, including ours. Its pleasant taste, the delicate but fragrant aroma, its unmistakable aniseed, citrus and balsamic fragrance make it unique of its kind.  Today, as then, Sassolino can be enjoyed as an aperitif, in a small and thick glass, or in coffee, or straight as an after-meal shot. Today under the Roteglia 1848 brand you can find more versions, the one for desserts with low alcohol content available in the pastry line, and the 42°one to drink, called “Sassuolino”: Sassolino with the U is intended to differentiate the two product lines and get even closer to its home town.


To be convinced of a product’s quality

Roteglia 1848 satisfies all palates with a complete line of liqueurs to be tasted. Sassovo, Liquore al Caffè, Liquirizia, SanGiorgio Grappa in the barrique and single-variety version of Malvasia Odorosissima, Limoncino, Mandorla enrich the range of craftsman infusions that we make according to ancient recipes. The common feature of all liqueurs is the careful selection of ingredients starting from alcohol of agricultural origin, excellence in distillation. But the most common feature of our infusions is the time we dedicate to the preparation of each of them: just think that Sassovo, made of milk, sugar, egg yolks and Marsala, is made by adding one ingredient at a time by hand, checking the right temperature of each one of them; or Liquirizia which requires several days of infusion to allow the individual particles to dissolve slowly in the alcohol. We are also selectors of ourselves: every single production is tasted for a qualitative and sensorial control: we believe that tasting is the best proof to convince us of the goodness of a product, which we advise you to do!


The Moretta Cherry from Vignola is a unique and ancient cherry, whose dna is a witness of biodiversity and guardian of the identity of a place. It has become a Slow Food presidium and only thanks to the work of true custodian farmers can we still savour its taste today.

By rediscovering this fruit, we put our liqueur art at her disposal, creating the first Cherry with Moretta Cherry from Vignola, a sweet and delicate alcoholic infusion, where the Moretta shows both in its intense colour and in the aroma of cherry.

The Cherry made from Ciliegia Moretta di Vignola is a Slow Food branded product thanks to its main ingredient safeguarded by the Condotta di Vignola.

It has also been awarded the Red Award recognized by The Wine Hunter.